Direct To Film (DTF) Printing Solutions

WHat is it?



DTF printing stands for Direct-to-Film printing. It is a relatively new and innovative method of printing designs onto various surfaces, including fabrics and rigid materials.



how it works

Here's a simplified explanation of the DTF printing process in 5 easy steps:

1. Design: Create the artwork or image you want to print.

2. Print: The art is printed onto a special film designed to transfer to the final product.


3. Apply Adhesive: A layer of powder adhesive is applied evenly onto the printed film.

4. Transfer: The printed film & adhesive layer, is placed on top of the product.


5. Cure: Heat is applied to the transferred design to melt the adhesive


Finished Product: TADA! The design is permanently fused onto the product.

why use it?



• No cutting or weeding needed
• Crisp, defined edges and images
• No advanced knowledge required

• Ideal for small orders

• Low waste, cost-effective

• High reward, low investment



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